2nd innings of life….

At times in life it gets essential to have a complete uptop view of the life lead so far. Break for a while helps to reevaluated pros & cons of life so far.

In my experience it helped to me to get more closer to my inner self & estimate upcoming goals of life.It also helped me to rejuvenate myself in different ways to explore hidden creative instincts.

It helped me to break through the on going monotonous self & devise hidden thoughts within.

It also helped me enhance relations be it with family or friends.It helped me grow spiritually too & become a better self of myself.Having said that sailing through this phrase is not all that easy specially when it’s by choice.At times mind will end up in over drive but eventually your better self will get over you & things will be fine in expected flow.

This phrase all the more helps one’s mind to prioritize compartments of life(family,career,finances,frds,achievements,luxuries of life etc.

Last but not the least below stated image symbolizes transformation for good.Shades co-incidentally are similar to the biggest economy of the world “USA flag”.Thus symbolizes to dream for big things like worlds big fat financial hub.And different strokes of designs signifies above referred compartments of life.

Thus if you agree to my penned down thoughts do give above stated scenario a shot.And as always do let me know how was your experience as Ihearyou but do you hear me?…..

Universal magnet.

Desires a small but a impactful word that shapes life of every HUMAN.But for desires to come to reality we need to throw imaginations magnet at the universe.Highest amount of intensity leads to highest amount of fulfillment of DESIRES.

In a very laymen language we need to give universe a consistent hint of our desires.Which in return helps us in life to achieve our Desires.

Having said that there is a hidden catch,we may at times not get exactly what we wish for rather something similar as in even better thing than our desire.Thus we need to embrace that with open arms rather than getting disappointed by it.And need to have timely sense of gratitude too to create abundance of prosperity.

Like my image signifies multiple shades of bottle.Bottle is like our life who’s lid is with the big guy up above & shades are like our life’s desires.All the shades has different creativity but its attached with the bottle as its the manifestation of bottle’s desires.

Thus manifest your thoughts best possible way to create a magnet for universe & cherish life.In my life so far all my achievements have been a manifestation of my thoughts.And I keep manifesting good thoughts for the upcoming future too.

Thus do let me hear your manifestations, because as I always say Ihearyou but do you hear me?

Family & Friends

As they say we can’t choose family but our 2nd family(friends) can be purely by choice.

Family & friends are a very inter- connected concept in my experience. Emotional & practical balance of life can always be managed with the help of family & friends together only. Eg:There could be professional matters or personal matter which can be understood by friends more due to our common set of interest or our common circle as compared to family.Thus can be discussed openly with them.Likewise there could be property issue,or family relation issues this can be discussed & understood by family more prominently.Because of similar upbringing & well awareness about family legacy.

But ya one & only major difference between the two is stability.

Certain friends have entered my life with a motive to inspire me for education or profession or any kind of skills learning.And than over the period as time passes by time takes over & people lose touch in a stringent city life.Family is there for life more so your immediate family.You & your parents,& your spouse.

Last but not the least,as per my image family is the golden shade of every humans life & colorful shades are the set of friends.Colour attimes fades away in the golden shimmer with time but golden keep shimmering even in dark.Having said that existence of both gives shimmering effect to all of our lifes.

So this is me with another life experience,do let me know what do you feel as “ihearyou”,do you hear me?


Relationships are a trivial part of a human’s growth per se.It grooms you,it shakes you & at the end of it all makes you worthy for the destined person that is meant for YOU.

When things don’t work out we always ask ourselves why me?

But in my perspective it’s good it was me.As it helped me realise on long run about what is it that I want & vice-versa.One’s mistakes in relationship helps a person to gain excellence in the relationship that is destined for them.One’s wrongs always helps him/her in leadings to their respective “RIGHTS”.

So as long as we take the process of moving on in the above stated limelight it all works for the best.

Also moving on in my opinion is not about trying hard to eradicate past,rather in my experience it’s about embracing the goods & bads with dignity.Perhaps filter the memories a bit, & accordingly prioritize them in your sub-concience.

I never did hold on to any negative vibes about my past rather remembered them for their done good for me.

In my experience people you hold your past with has certain traits of the person you are meant to be with eventually.That does not mean you keep comparing your past with your present rather it means remember the odds of past persons trait & thus cherish the good things of present person’s similar traits.

Eg.If your past was way too practical & so is the current person who is your soulmate.Than in your past you must be struggling to handle this trait which must be leading to fights thus in present avoid that & rather find a midway to handle it.As you are well versed with this trait by now.

Each person has his/her own definition of bond,this is mine.Do let me know yours.

Because ihearyou,but do you hear me?


Each person has their own share of highs & lows in life.But all that matters at the end of the day is yours & only yours “reciprocation” to the scenario.It’s only fair to imagine other side of the story but having said that make a nuetral imagination of scenario on the other end.And accordingly react.As we are responsible for our reactions towards people.

In todays day & age there is lot of scope for manipulation & bias.But barely any scope for straightforward attitude & honestly.

Having said that you can choose to be on your side of the fence & react accordingly.

I choose to be on side of straightforward & righteous attitude with honestly.As in long run that’s what that matters.And it builds your surrounding of karma cycle too.You do good & there is a stranger awaiting to do good for you too.

Always stand by the path of righteous deeds & universe will grant you your share of good times.It’s too easy to get lured by negative emotions jealousy, greed,selfishness etc but don’t give into that.Be righteous always.

I was in talks with someone today who is well aware of the manipulation created between us but he choose to be on the other side of fence.In response to that I gave him the reality check to the scenario & left it at that.As beyond that it’s his wish to either acknowledge the facts or leave it.I did not opt the rigourous way of proving a point or manipulating the scenario.HenThats all for now.

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